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Only black scammers are there. Not happy. Add comment

When I first became a member, before I paid, I had about 6 good looking rich guys who responded, then when I paid...they never answered any of my mails. I did not get any dates or communication other than guys asking for money, so I cancelled. When I checked the site a few weeks later, those same guys from the beginning had writing me messages again, so I tried to pay for one month to see if those guys were real. They would not take my credit... Read more

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This is a terrible site. I even paid money to join but it wouldn't let me view anyone's information as when I tried to it kept wanting me to put in my email address which I did - three different ones - but never received any emails so it wouldn't verify my account! Avoid at all costs. I also reckon most of the decent looking guys/girls are fake as their photo's look way too good to be true and if you get through to a real person they put hardly... Read more

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Talked to 6 different men each one ended up being a scam asking for large amount of money to either come hom from another country or help with there business because they were in another country and couldn't get to their own money one even said he was a doctor in Afghanistan and a dying soldier gave him a briefcase full of money but he couldn't get money for the US to bring it through custom all kind of scams I have ... Read more

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When I signed up I received 4 IM but for read those IMs I need to upgrade, I did it, then my photo was not approved, I called and they fix that but after 7 days no one have tried to contact me or view my profile...that is not common...and the photos...all looks very profesional....something is not ok...the guys never reply emails, never reply IMs and the same ones are always online... Before upgrade the site list several good looking guys from... Read more

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After several attempts to upgrade I kept getting emails that I could only use my credit card. I don't like to use my credit card for things like this or for buying anything on line. So I bought a prepaid card... Not accepted. I even tried my bank debit card... Not accepted. I also reviewed my profile and it said I was no longer accepted by the site. ????? I thought maybe it was because I didn't have a photo so I uploaded a photo and immediately... Read more

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Suspected something wrong as soon as I signed up for the "free" account. Received lots of messages in my e-mail and every time I went on the site, I received an IM. All of these were in my city or local area, but when I did a search for users within 25 miles of my zip code only ONE came up. Noticed most of the pictures looked like professional models, too slick & good-looking to be real people. Also, I was confused about the VIP upgrade,... Read more

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Omg every guy you meet seems to be either deployed overseas and they are widowed and are single fathers what are the chances that over half are like that? Then you get these so called business men who are out of country working on a business contract and can't access their bank accounts and ask for you to send it.. Add comment

Everyone you start talking to and getting to know, is always working overseas, and is a foreigner in most cases and two weeks are less into the getting to know process, they always ask for a large lump summ if money. Im not giving anyone any money!!!!ever Add comment

I have had problems reaching and getting responses from IM and emails. I strongly believe this site is a scam. Please remove my profile. I want my membership stopped now. Otherwise, I will take this to the authorities and share it on the news. Add comment

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