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Main address: Stasinou, 1 MITSI BUILDING 1, 1st floor, Flat/Office 1060 Nicosia Cyprus
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This site is so full of *** its unreal.I seems like when I wasn't a member I had all kind of men contacting me now that I'm a paying member I don't hear from anyone.The photos look like men out of Forbes magazine.I also tried to email and cancel but no one has gotten back to me.They need to shut this site down and refund people there money.It amazes me what people will do for money.So if your... Read more

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Looks as though the attention was fake, I've had nothing since. What you see isn't what you get and it should have been obvious but with no prior dating site experience I guess I got what I deserved. If something looks too good to be true, it probably is. I have never made a mistake making payment on-line before and as I am disabled I do a lot on-line from grocery shopping, clothes shopping,... Read more

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I am a very good looking girl and I have joined 3 other Sugar Daddy/Millionaire Dating sites. While I do get attention on those real sites, I didn't get the attention until I posted photos. On however I got attention immediately from seemingly fake profiles of men talking about "their ranch" and money without my posting my photos. There is absolutely no way these guys are... Read more

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The first retarded thing about this site is they expect you to believe that EVERYONE on the site is a professional model! Who the F falls for that?? Secondly, when you sign up you start getting messages from LUNATICS with fake profiles who get angry when you don't reply to 'entice' you to upgrade.. yeah right. Thirdly.. on the 'upgrade to gold' page.. have you noticed how the domain name changes... Read more

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The website review says it's free. No, it isn't. I can have a 3 day trial for $2.97 but until I do, I cannot reply to any IM or read any email. NOT FREE. They lie. They say it's free. People IM'ing me got mad because I didn't respond. But I couldn't. Because, unlike their lying ad, it's not free. I have to put in 100 words here but don't know much else to say. I do wonder: are the guys in... Read more

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I joined the millionaire dates site on the 3 day trial period. I could never chat with anyone or do anything emails. When I contacted them it was always one excuse or another. I was told to delete my profile and resign up but that did not work and I noticed the same guys who contacted me the first time contacted me again with the same messages.

I signed up with and at first I was going to do the free account and just brows, but of course as soon as I signed on I had 3 messages from seemingly amazing men and was hit by a barrage of IMs. I thought "wow" let me try this for a month so I did. Then I started noticing, the pictures of all the men looked like professional model pics... not every day pics someone (normal)... Read more

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Sign up got 43 messages. I email 20 back. no replies back. Day 2 no replies & they removed my picture. Next I view my profile & they had me blocked no one could communicate. Tried to contact & no legit email or customer service. Called credit card & cancel payment & card.

I have been asked for a large sum of money to be sent to S. Africa. ARE THEY CRAZY? They are supposed to be the millionaire NOT ME. NO MORE EVER. GOOD BYE TO THIS MESSED UP SITE. They sent malware to my computer and that cost money to fix. I AM DONE. This has happened twice now and the men say how they love you. THEY DONT EVEN KNOW YOU. How can you "LOVE" when you have never... Read more

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This website is fake and a scam. I'm really upset that they asked me for my credit card and I stupidly gave it to them. You can't contact anyone on there and they have all these pictures of models once I gave them my credit card, I realized it was a scam. Is there anyway we can get rid of this scam? I realize I was a fool giving out my card no. however it was just a moment of bad judgement. ... Read more

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