They tell you it is free to sign up. Then when you sign up they want to offer you a speciel offer of 0.98

for three monthes and then you have to cancel. There are no millionaires on this site. just a bunch of scammers and smucks like me who all want the same thing. Then when you try to contact customer support. FORGET IT! They give you an E mail forum to write to. I still have not heard back from them tet regaurding my cancelation of the program. They give you and opt out information panel but no

PHONE NUMBER! If you opt out? how will you know if they canceled your order and I asked for a refund so I am never going to hear from them. THEY CLAIMED IT WOULD COST ME 00.98 for a three month period I figured how could I go wrong? it's only three buck's right? NO!


The same compant has a bunch of sites for dating and ***. NO customer service numbers at any of them. These site's should all be shut down.

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pues mal no me aceptaron me paso lo mismo,no me aceptaron y soy muy atractiva y de principios metí la tarjeta y nada ,que no fuí aceptada soy exitosa ,esta mal ,trate varios intentos pero no,trate de hablar y nada.que mal


This site is nothing but a big scam.....Same issue before I was even done with my profile, I had 6 chat invites telling me how beautiful I was ( not a single pict.

on there yet) Then I got 3 emails that were from 3 different guys, BEST part is the emails were exactly the same, word for word, and even had the same misspelled word. also they refer to the "MOVIES" as cinema, who calls the movies that.

(scammers from overseas) They hit my card for multiple charges, I called the number and the CS rep (yea right) was a total rude, smart mouth girl.DO NOT USE THIS SITE, ITS A RIP OFF !

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #945999

How do I deregister from the scam ?


I just talked to one of the staff..I thought they're not charging me because I can't go through when I try to log in..

Then I found out after 8 months. It's from that site that my credit card get charge every month for 49.95 dollars..

They said I can't get a refund for the other 6 months because the system won't allow them...Yeap the trial period is a bait for you to be hooked and take your money..

Monticello, New York, United States #810146

If you want to try a website to find out if real-buy a prepaid Visa card!

Monroe, Louisiana, United States #800357

well ...I signed in the site a few hours ago, but didn't go for the credit ***.and now I just deleted my photo there and logged out for ever!

So, I didn't really lose anything. Let them have all the treasure!! 8)

I'd like to share a few little unusual notes I've noticed about the site: As soon as I got done with my profile (I hadn't chosen a photo yet), quite a few people started sending me interesting messages (it normally doesn't happen). as if all of those hot guys were just waiting for ME to show up!

through a profile with no photo or no special information!!!.... and also, I can say all profiles have very well-taken photos. It absolutely looks fake. On real dating websites, there are a lot of funny photos in which people look ***!..

photos taken in bathrooms, etc. But this website looked like a fashion magazine!...

I was really curious, and it kind of seemed too good to be real. so I searched online if that's even a legal real thing.

and I faced sooo many reports and reviews about it being a scam.

Let's be smarter.


Cheers everyone.

to Gazelle Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #868207

Yeah, same thing with me...didn't even get info in until I had all kinds of men wanting to chat.Funny thing, all of a sudden, alot of them were from MY hometown..that's when I knew it was a scam.

It wouldn't let me go in and delete my profile, (?) so I just changed it all to something fictitious and logged out.Wow..what people won't do for a buck!!

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada #790816

I have been on the same site and yes it is a scam once again I'm a gold member but yet can't do *** with it can't email or online with these guy this is *** me off 2 the first time ok but 2 times and they keep saying I'm not approved customer but yet I'm a gold member figure that out


Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, France #740573

they had my name, but i am not a girl, so they must stop it or i send their name to my government I AM NOT A GIRL

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #680334

Y'all have to realize a lot of the women on many dating sites (caught on ex on this one and others) are employed specifically to pull men in and keep them on sites. The men in this country (and no doubt everywhere) are sexually exploiting women from all over the world. This is the only income that some of these women can make, and they have to do it pandering to men, many of whom aren't single, doing and saying disgusting things in emails, on yahoo messenger, in hot chats, on web cams, etc. I learned a lot tracking the ex through his search for a 'discreet relationship' and 'hot chats'. Of course, in MillionaireDates, it's 'traveling companion.

For the single guys who are legitimately looking for a relationship, all I can say is you get what you pay for. No such thing as a free lunch, no such thing as 'free' sex, etc. I think there are way more of these dating sites because there are a lot more people looking for cheap sex than are looking for cheap clothes.

BTW, Rita Nelson turned up on my ex's yahoo messenger, too. Same story, in case you're wondering.

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