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The website review says it's free. No, it isn't.

I can have a 3 day trial for $2.97 but until I do, I cannot reply to any IM or read any email. NOT FREE. They lie. They say it's free.

People IM'ing me got mad because I didn't respond. But I couldn't. Because, unlike their lying ad, it's not free. I have to put in 100 words here but don't know much else to say.

I do wonder: are the guys in there scam artists, liars, or what?

I mean, if they are really so gorgeous and rich, what's their problem that they have to pay for this website, and why did they all flock to me within minutes of my searching? And why did they get so mad when I didn't respond, which I couldn't do without paying?

Review about: Millionaire Dates Membership.

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I became so concerned when they did the same with me and then as soon as I got the membership I did not get any more responses I knew something was questionable so I immediately sent an email not to cancel my account and I have yet to get a response from anyone including the supposing members

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